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As global markets shift and become more complex with unprecedented abundance of choice and speed, expectations are moving faster than businesses, United Advisors (UA) provides trusted, unconflicted, strategic advice. We are independent, comprehensive, integrated advisory services boutique assisting our clients to navigate complex situations by delivering novel and tailored insights. Our dynamic advisory practice supports clients to act decisively and achieve strategic objectives through all phases via unparalleled access to bright minds and expert capabilities.

When partnering with UA, you can expect significant engagement with trustworthy experts, executers, thinkers, visionaries, transformers, creative innovators and dealmakers. We leverage our extensive global network to deliver the best advice, regardless of geography.

We have an unmatched appetite for challenge – we thrive on solving the unsolvable. Our unique ability to see what others do not and connect disparate information and lead to optimal outcomes. 

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  We believe in trust 

and we trust our believes..


We believe...  that with every client we meet there is a chance to fill a genuine need and capitalize on potential opportunities emerging as the kingdom re-strategizes.  


We believe... that a genuine advice will have to embed itself and emerge as a flawless extension to our clients current efforts. 


We believe... in multi-stakeholder partnership; with clients, team, society, decision makers and -yes- competitors. 


We believe... that our performance is measured by the long-term success of our clients not by the short-term results.


We believe... that “innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”. 

Steve Jobs


We believe... that ”all success stories start with a vision”.

His Royal Highness Crown Prince

Mohammed bin Salman


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SAR 9.9 Billion

 Since inception we have advised on more than SAR 9.9 billion of transactions. We have advised clients across a wide variety of practices and industries and leveraged our extensive network to deliver the best solutions to our clients.

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Private Funds Services

Private Funds Services

Private Funds Services


Be it Private Equity, Corporate/Venture Capital or Seed Capital, we are very well versed and deeply connected in the investment ecosystem. We understand what make funds succeed, both financially and strategically. We equip our clients with practical tools to command their fund strategy, investment focus, governance, operating model and advice. 

Advisory Services

Private Funds Services

Private Funds Services


We provide clients with a service that is built on the trust of delivering sustainable value. We are proud of the breadth and depth of the objective nature of our advice, which is relied upon by leaders of business and government across the kingdom. We provide differentiated insight, wise counsel and discretion on the most challenging questions facing our clients.

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trusted, unconflicted, strategic advice